Monday, July 09, 2012

Interior reports two major wind energy initiatives end review

Monday, July 09, 2012
The US Department of Interior (DOI) on 2 July announced that two large wind energy initiatives important environmental reviews in three States - completed Massachusetts, Rhode Iceland and Wyoming - the way for public comments and proof-reading.

DOI announced the release of the final impact on the environment instructions for a proposed wind complex in Wyoming, the up to 3,000 megawatts in power, so that the largest wind farm plant in the United States and one of the largest it would generate in the world. The proposed Chokecherry Sierra Madre wind farm would include up to 1,000 turbines and generate enough power for more than 1 million homes. The project would be built on public, private and Government land in carbon County (Wyoming). The Bureau of land management (BLM) checks the proposed wind project as well as a proposal to amend the Rawlins resource management the installation plan.

DOI also announced the publication of an environmental assessment for commercial wind leases and site assessment activities on the outer continental shelf offshore Rhode Iceland and Massachusetts. This step DOI positioned around the area as one of the nation's first offshore competitive leasing sales before end of the year to offer. The environmental assessment for the Rhode Iceland/Massachusetts wind energy sector are to inform decisions within the framework of the Obama administration "smart from the start" offshore wind energy initiative of the Bureau of ocean energy management (BOEM) to the future leasing. The wind energy sector comprises 164.750 hectares in the area of mutual interest of both countries identified. Leadership consider BOEM hosts public events on the 16 and 17 other interest groups and public comments on environmental assessment. See press release DOI.

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