Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nebraska utility search increase hydroelectric production

Sunday, October 28, 2012
COLUMBUS, Neb. - The Nebraska public power district of Colorado-based Applegate Group US$ 150.274 analyze the potential for hydroelectric development in the breadbasket State pays.

The study, which also includes energy, McMillen engineering and Telluride is the economic feasibility of NPPD hydropower to increase capacity through new projects or to determine the upgrading of existing facilities.

The utility says his interest in improving the capacity, produced by its hydroelectric fleet to facilitate stem in large part from the last legislative efforts to the hydropower development process, as well as the progress in the non-traditional production units such as pipe systems.

NPPD owns three hydropower stations, including 24 MW North Platte River, 1.49 am Kearney and 3-MW-Spencer hydropower plants. Hydropower accounts for added to purchases, makes the NPPD from several other hydropower plants, 8.6% of the district overall generation plants.

The report is expected to be up to April 2013, with the goal of increasing the percentage of hydro power to 10% of total energy mix in 2020, says NPPD.

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