Sunday, July 08, 2012

Obama administration announces investment in biofuels

Sunday, July 08, 2012
The Energy Department is increasing support for biofuels. The biorefinery pilot makes such cellulosic ethanol from corn on the cob.
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$30 Announced the Department of energy, the U.S. Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Navy on July 2 millions in promoting private investment in commercial advanced drop-in bio-fuels adapted. Drop-in biofuels are fuels, direct serve can substitute or supplement to existing gasoline, diesel and Jet fuels, without changes and existing distribution networks or engine fuel pump - and have the potential to us significantly to reduce dependence on oil imports. DOE offers $32 million in new investments also for earlier research, continue to drive for technological breakthroughs and other costs in the industry.

In his design for a secure energy future in March 2011 President Obama published objective of reducing oil imports by a third by the year energy efficiency and accelerate the development of biofuels and other alternatives set by 2025. As part of this effort led the blueprint DOE work Navy and the USDA to support commercialization of drop in biofuel substitutes for diesel and jet fuel, that the current funding announcement (FOA) lead opportunity. This FOA has a two-phased approach to share with Government and industry in the cost. In phase 1 applicants will submit a package of design and comprehensive business plan for a commercial biorefinery, identify and project sites to secure and further necessary steps set out in the notice. Selected winners still in phase 2 will present additional information for the construction or the upgrading of a biorefinery. Applications are due by August 13, 2012. The funding opportunity announcement and the blueprint for a secure energy future, see.

In addition, research that complement the commercial efforts of the Navy and USDA announced bot DOE new investments in earlier stage of biofuels. The last steps in the Obama Government are this early, pre-commercial systems to reduce efforts for the further development of biofuel technologies, improve performance, and to identify new effective and non-food feedstocks and technologies. Find the full funding request. Applications are due to the 13 August 2012.

DOE funding innovative pilot-scale and demo-scale biorefineries that could produce renewable bio-fuels, announced $20 million to support today covers to meet the military specifications for kerosene and ship diesel with a variety of non-food biomass raw materials, waste-based materials and algae. These projects support may be new plant construction, retrofit on existing U.S. bio-refineries or operations plant to begin production on the pilot or pre commercial scale. This investment will help made collect also federal and local governments, private developers and accurate data on the costs of the production of fuels from biomass and waste raw materials industry.

In addition, DOE announced $12 million to up to eight projects focused fuels on the exploration of possibilities for the development of organic transport and products with synthetic biological processing support. Synthetic biological processing provides innovative technology to efficiently, to enable low-cost conversion of nonfood biomass to biofuels. These projects will develop novel biological systems, which improve the breakdown of raw biomass raw materials and in the conversion of raw materials into transportation fuels.

Projects - carried by small businesses, universities, national laboratories and industry - will endeavour to overcome barriers to scientific maritime trade competitive advanced biofuels and bioproducts. Applications are due to the 10 July 2012. See the full funding opportunity announcement and the DOE press release.

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