Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Department of Energy Announces $102 million for small business research

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
The Department of energy announced on June 27, it is to new funds for 104 small businesses nationwide. The grants amounting to more than $102 million, supported with the commercialization and job creation to develop a strong potential companies in 26 countries, companies, promising technologies help.

From the Department of energy small business innovation programs funded research (SBIR) and small business technology transfer (STTR), are the choices for phase II work. In phase II, are companies build on the conceptual work in phase I and track to take the next steps in the technologies to the market. The phase II Awards are up to 1 million $ for work for two years. The awards support developing technologies in areas of large wind turbines up to more energy-efficient data centers. For example, the Xunlight works 26 solar company of Toledo, Ohio, on transparent, flexible cadmium telluride modules for photovoltaic. See the DOE press release, the list of awards and the site SBIR and STTR.

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