Monday, February 21, 2011

Valley biomass plants face steep fines

Monday, February 21, 2011
Valley TV ad's air cleanup claims controversial "TooltipId ="mi_tt1">"

Valley TV ad's air cleanup claims disputed

Is a television commercial by the local air district recruiters-winter 2009 / 10 as the Valley of the cleanest record-but that true? Yes-with asterisk.

Feds investigate Texas plant fire that killed 1 "TooltipId =" mi_tt2 ">"

Feds investigate Texas plant fire, 1 killed

What caused a fire that killed a worker a liquid natural gas facility East of Houston, an institution, owned by a company that since 2004 thousands of dollars in fines for serious injuries, examine Bundes-and national officials, that paid has included at least a different death.

Feds investigate Texas plant fire that killed 1 "TooltipId =" mi_tt3 ">"

Feds investigate Texas plant fire, 1 killed

Bundes-and national officials investigate what caused a fire, a worker killed a liquid natural gas facility East of Houston an institution since 2004 thousands of dollars in fines for serious injuries, that paid has included at least a different death.

Delta standards the EPA be explored "TooltipId =" mi_tt4 ">"

Delta standards to be examined by the EPA

The US Environmental Protection Agency will today announce, to see a study of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta water should be tightened standards on pollutants such as pesticides and ammonia.

EPA: New pollution limits applies to some "TooltipId =" mi_tt5 ">"

EPA: New pollution limits will apply to some.

More than a dozen industry managed to escape, new federal controls on air pollution and the gases that warming blamed, after a top environmental protection agency officials told a Federal Court a long-delayed California powerhouse would have to follow the rules.

Two biomass plants, should help, San Joaquin Valley have clean air, with air pollution most of the State fines in recent history have been marked.

Global ampersands in Boston was more than $800,000 for ozone-related emissions premium and other injuries of biomass plants in Madera and Merced County, fine, federal authorities announced Tuesday.

Protection Agency say the fine of the largest in the San Joaquin Valley and California is in recent years, environmental officials in the US. Although they had not have concrete numbers, officials said fines of nearly $1 million are unusual in California.

Ampersand agreed, said the EPA fines for infringements which began in 2008 on the ampersand Chowchilla makes biomass in Madera County and Merced close to El Nido. Woody wastes burn biomass plants to build farms and cities to electricity.

Ampersand agreed to reduce ozone-forming nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. Company could be unreachable for comment officials.

The large fine reflects the amount of pollution and the duration of injuries. The injuries took place during 2008, 2009 and 2010.

The San Joaquin Valley air pollution control district discovered problems.

Biomass plants are a cleaner way as open field burning agricultural has mostly been banned in the Valley.

Modern biomass plants must however satisfy strict standards to prevent addition to air quality problems, especially in the Valley.

Valley ozone pollution is one of the worst in the nation.

Ozone is a corrosive, warm weather gas, the scars that raises lung and asthma.

"That a victory for human health are today's enforcement actions," said Jared Blumenfeld, EPA Regional Administrator.

Ampersand was fined $328,000 for its plant Chowchilla and $492,000 for operation of Merced County.

The EPA and the district splits the punishment that is considered to be a rarity. EPA and local districts are often work on enforcement measures.

EPA share of money go to the US Treasury. The Valley Air District uses such sanctions programs help residents buy to finance electric lawnmower or cleaner wood stoves.

Ampersand was also an extra $15,000 to the Valley Air District for separate violations of district rules, including requirements for emissions control plans to pay.

Ampersand bought and renovated two biomass plants in 2007 and 2008 federal air officials said.

Operations had to shut down the Valley Air District during the 1990s.

The two plants aside from nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide injured limit values for sulphur dioxide. The two plants for timely tests to measure emissions, EPA, said.

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