Monday, February 21, 2011

Carbon capture: A flimsy plaster or the response to climate change?

Monday, February 21, 2011
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Clean coal sounds like a misnomer. The fossil fuel tends to conjure up images of Chinese power plants puffing thick clouds of smoke and grimy-faced Victorian miners.

But when the world will reduce its CO2 emissions, coal sanitising looks like the only answer.

For starters, it is unlikely that developing countries such as China and India go from their dependence on fuel anytime soon deposed to.

Although it think only an early-stage technology, scientists, burning coal, suck carbon dioxide and pump it underground possible.

Estimates would only 10pc of emissions of a traditional coal-fired power station to publish.

It could also be that a money spinner for the UK Treasury, which licenses exhausted oil and where the carbon dioxide ultimately keep gas fields.

With most UK's creaky old coal stations over the technology in European law offers withdrawn are, as you also pollutive, new hope for maintaining the security of energy supply of the country.

Britain is ready, up to four pilot projects costs ? 1bn Fund in the hope that UK world leader to be and might license its technology to other countries.

It can quickly add ? 17 annual energy costs, but given the coal relatively cheap compared to the fossil fuels peers it could end end up without subsidies to be economically viable.

There are even more experimental technologies, financing, underground like the burning of coal and win trapping carbon dioxide down there.

But at the moment the greatest support for "Carbon Capture and Storage" is equipment that could be fitted to existing coal plants.

The technology was not without its problems. The first competition by the British Government saw a raft of applicants to put the proposals.

One by one, broke you, realize that it would be too expensive and risky. E.on, was while uncertain about the future of energy demand to take more coal plants such as not ready on the load of the building.

Dr. Paul Golby, Chief Executive of E.on UK, has insisted a "key technology", but increased doubt coal is clean about his current viability.

"" There are two elephant in the room: markets and money, "he said.""If they are not fixed, nothing is progress expected to long-term carbon capture and storage beyond the blueprint phase".

The only plant, the links in the current competition the first ? 1 billion for a Demonstrationg to Scottish Power's Longannet that you set plant get.

However, the fact is that it encouraging nine bidders for the next round of money.

Big names such as Scottish and southern (Hamburg: SOT.)HM - News) and DRAX are ready their hopes on this experimental technology in the hope that it will save this coal dependent company and a coal UK - reliant from future without this critical fuel.

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