Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chevron digging in Ecuadorian decision

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Protesters outside Chevron keep headquarters photos of the Ecuadorian people who say they were affected by the pollution of dumped toxic waste Tuesday.

In November 2009 Philadelphia lawyer suing Chevron Corp. of oil pollution in Ecuador had some advice for his colleagues on the case: now may be the time to settle.Joseph Kohn, said in a letter to two Ecuadorian legal team members, he thought that the company may be protracted dispute between $700 million and $1.2 billion for convinced rules could be. Chevron CEO David O'Kane was Reilly, about to retire and a lawyer working for the company based in suburban San Francisco Kohn told that O'Reilly didn't want to pass the suit to his successor.Operation for a larger settlement, Kohn wrote, would probably not work. "I think Chevron for the next 10 or 20 years if necessary, fight before paying a settlement in the billion dollar range," wrote Kohn, November 10, 2009, letter to lawyer Pablo Fajardo and Luis Yanza Organizer. Kohn, whose Firma had spent $7 million bankrolling of the lawsuit claimed also against settlement turned talks in the hope that the Ecuadorian judge, hearing the case eventually would exclude their benefit. Chevron, he wrote could possibilities for years pay to avoid.Kohn's colleagues and your customers in Ecuador rejected his advice and Kohn finally left the case is to pursue talks partly due to disagreements about the settlement. A spokesman for Kohn fell next comment on Tuesday.Now that intervene Sue Chevron won $ 9.5 billion against the company - a substantial sum have a decision in principle but far behind the $27 billion to $113 billion you sought.A judge in the Ecuadorian town of Lago Agrio ruled Monday that Chevron to clean a part of the Amazon rain forest where Texaco, drilled bought by Chevron in 2001 oil before decades numbers should be. Monday's judgment orders Chevron over $8 billion for environmental health and the clean-Up to pay. Judge Nicolas ZAMBRANO also $ 864 million awarded to the Amazon defense Coalition, a group representing the plaintiffs.But Chevron has vowed not to pay, and temporary order powers has the courts in the United States and Europe convinced block enforcement of the judgment. The company has a counterclaim against the plaintiff in the United States by it you presented fraud and extortion.The wisdom of the plaintiff decision not to push a around $1 billion settlement to be seen. "We know this years could last", Juan Pablo Saenz, Member of the plaintiff said legal team in Ecuador. "This is not our customers like to spoil-, we are fully aware go."He added that proposed by Kohn settlement amount too low to provide all necessary renovation. Chevron, for its part, shows no interest in resolving now.

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