Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chevron sees new oil shine in Brazil Frade field

Sunday, March 25, 2012
RIO DE JANEIRO-Brazilian regulators and officials from the local unit of US oil major Chevron Corp CVX + 0.23% Saturday confirmed that discovered a new oil shine
during a flyover of the Frade offshore oil field.

The gloss of a kilometre and "had a volume of half a litre" expanded, said Chevron in the using statement. The shine was in the area where the company a new filter on the bottom of the sea had identified.

The leak is the second right to strike field Frade since November, when a drilling accident an estimated 2,400 to 3,000 barrels of crude oil leak into the Atlantic Ocean off Brazil's coast of similar leaks caused in the ocean floor.

Chevron and local managers of the company are a $ 11 billion faced criminal action of Rio de Janeiro Federal Prosecutor, as well as heavy fines from regulatory agencies in connection with the spill. Brazil's national petroleum Agency, or ANP, also suspended Chevron drilling rights in this country.

Late Friday, a federal judge granted an injunction blocking 17 of employees of the company, including to leave Chevron Brasil President George buck, Brazil without permission, while the trial continues. Chevron Brasil, but said that neither the company nor the executives of a judicial complaint in Brazil have been formally notified.

"Any judicial decision will be respected by the company and its employees." We the company and its employees will defend, "Said Chevron in the statement."

The latest problem for Chevron Brazil comes operations after the company asked this week stop permission brightness, Frade, which some had produced 61,000 barrels a day. Chevron has the requirement of the "geological complexity" of the Frade, the recoverable study holds reserves of between 200 million and 300 million barrels of oil.

The first seeping March 4, with Chevron notification of the Brazilian authorities March 13, was discovered, the company said. Oil from seeping through specially built containment devices are recorded, Chevron said Saturday. Additional containment devices are installed on demand, added to the company.

The ANP, Brazil's marine and environmental regulators said in a statement Saturday are monitoring and accompanying Chevron efforts to reduce the latest incident the oil shine with mechanical dispersion. Includes usually shoot mechanical dispersion water jets of the sparkle, and testing to break boats over the stain until the oil droplets.

Local authorities and Chevron officials meet early next week discuss the note said the incident with the brilliance of additional flights, to be monitored.

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