Monday, March 26, 2012

Study: More logging waste biomass expansion support

Monday, March 26, 2012
A new State study reported that Washington double forests enough supplies of waste wood by more than biomass energy production have nationwide. Area of the pulp and paper industry say that they need to study development costs further to see whether they can expand the production of biomass energy.

"There is tremendous opportunity on the landscape," State Commissioner of public lands Peter Goldmark said this week.

In 2010 dry loggers links bone 1.4 million tons of branches and other left remaining wood in slash pile, all biomass boilers could be used fire, according to the State Department of natural resources. Instead only 439.000-558.000 were used actually, tons to DNR.

The study, first of its kind nationwide only included biomass produced logging, not branched, which of course on the forest floor covered and provide nutrients for other trees Goldmark said.

The Agency plans to a calculator this year publish industry large biomass identify help deliver patches. Transport costs are one of the biggest factors when deciding where a biomass energy plant built, which is why developers look forested regions.

Officials at two of the State largest biomass of energy producers, Longview Fibre Paper and packaging, Inc. and Weyerhaeuser Co., say that the DNR study is good news for the industry. At the same time, they say they are not prepared to immediately the production of biomass energy ramp.

"If there is a way to use sustainable (and economic) more biomass, then that is good news." But I think everyone is fighting a way on the use of biomass in a way that is economically "said Weyerhaeuser spokesman Anthony Chavez, adding, that the company is still the DNR analysis study."

LongView fibre is trying to increase its renewable generation capacity of 54 MW of energy. The company plans that project dropped appeal in 2015 after three Puget Sound area environmental groups in December carry.

Company spokeswoman Pat case said Longview Fibre biomass used to help, makes the mill and sells excess energy. The company has no current plans expand, she said.

Both companies have black liquor (a by-product of the pulping process) and pig fuel (burned excess saw dust and wood chips) makes to their pulp mills.

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