Thursday, September 05, 2013

Ten U.S. States with the most new clean energy jobs

Thursday, September 05, 2013
James Montgomery, co-editor,
2. September 2013.
New Hampshire, USA-in honor of labor day in the United States, here is a update where clean energy, jobs are popping up. More than 38,000 jobs in the United States stems from five dozen 'clean' energy and transport projects from April to June of this year, overarching power generation, production, transmission/smart grid, energy efficiency and public transport, according to a report by the nonprofit group environmental entrepreneurs (E2) announced. That is the job openings from the first three months of this year (12,000) slightly from the same period a year ago (37.400) and triple rooms.

Vacancies more than in the previous quarter and last year on more than 13,000 in 2Q13, after E2 (the large amount of them are doubled for solar projects) have look only at generating electricity. The big difference is in projects through development and construction to move and come into operation have been. Except for California there is only or in some cases two projects per country. Top 10 list for 2013 never there before was four States in E2s, while one State makes a return.

Each State tracked E2 new vacancies and recent history about various energy-sector publications, media aggregators and online alerts, which pull in corporate statements, reports and public announcements from national, State, and local sources. The Group notes that its data collection should represent the whole national picture, but that several adds sourcing a measure for the vetting and review, in particular at the local level, explains Judith Albert, Managing Director, environmental entrepreneurs (E2). Many of the clean energy positions are strongly weighted construction, by definition a short-term or temporary metric as opposed to operations & maintenance. Albert pointed out, market, however, that the construction is a key figure for US economy and project-related construction and residential solar jobs, in particular some of the effects of the case are crash.

Balance of payments jobs is the new clean energy with all the money, poured into the sector increasing in importance, and how, something of an ideological and political football has become noticed Albert. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics previously compiled "were green and services ' updates, the most diverse industries Cross (critics say too broad), but the program was dismantled in this spring a victim of Federal Government sequestration. Ecotech Institute, Brookings and Pew do similar "clean jobs index" tallies. In response to the Obama administration grand climate change plan this summer that are national resources Defense Council (NDRC) proposed new carbon emission standards, which it claims also add 200,000 jobs.

These efforts are important, what is clean energy & what it means to give the entire economic reality", Albert said. ... Detailed analysis of fisheries, forestry and manufacturing, she pointed it out provided are so why not equal focus on clean energy of jobs? "There's an old saying," she said: "You cannot manage what you don't measure."

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