Wednesday, September 04, 2013

To promote solar energy with mirror neurons in the brain

Wednesday, September 04, 2013
Gate 'Solar Fred' Valenza, UnThink solar

Watching a scary movie, and the main character will open the door or press this button, which we all know, that slide should not. If you feel fear of the character and "jump", when a spirit or an innocent kitten out of the closet, congratulations. You're a man, and you will feel that the effects of mirror neurons in the brain.

Before marketers can let these mirror neurons solar market such as solar let me say that this no evil capitalist conspiracy, solar products and services of a brainwashing subjected customers to purchase of our. From my understanding of non-scientists, raise awareness about the effect of mirror neurons is easy to visually communicate a way about our solar products and services.

After a simple definition, I Wikipedia found in:

A mirror neuron is a neuron that is raised when an animal is and when the animal observes the same action by another.

So "the neuron" mirrors the behavior of the other, as the viewer itself would be.

So, these neurons force anybody to not act, but they help people feel what others are experiencing. There are many nuances for human biology, but we take this definition at the most basic level: when we see a person do something in or brain, it is, as we are doing same action itself.

If you think about it, we use our mirror neurons all the time. There is the above mentioned movie experience where we feel what the character on the screen feel, and it is also the real life experience of us just someone on a chocolate sundae Gorge and suddenly feel like we want to. Likewise we see laughing people, although we do not know the context, we smile or laugh with them. We can even strangers on the street, fearful or sad to see and feel as anxious or sad without knowing the cause. Words alone can images in our minds, as if we read Harry Potter adventure. In our minds, we feel, that we are also prisoners of Azkaban, aware know we are sure in our reading chairs.

Back in our solar marketing world we try to communicate more the advantages of solar energy or our solar products. We usually do this through lengthy explanations and one or two photos, but if we would rather communicate through our mirror neurons, then the old adage "A picture is worth 1000 words" is less a proverb and more of a solar-communication technology.

And that's where creative solar takes over marketing. It's easy to install photos of a solar Installer panels show, but if we want to most effectively use the mirror neurons, then the customer (probably an Installer) must visualize yourself on the roof and the feeling of satisfaction, to install quality Panel. It's hard to convey in a single image, but perhaps easier to do, mixing the information with the mirroring action with short videos.

We must also consider in the living room, visually how to convey the excitement and satisfaction of getting a solar system on one's home with images, videos and unique stories, with consumers mirror neurons connect installed.

The scenarios for all solar industries and products are numerous. All you have to do is... Looking to enable mirror neurons and UnThink solar.

Tor Valenza also known as "Solar Fred" is a solar marketing and communications consultant and author solar Fred's Guide to solar guerrilla marketing. For the solar-Fred-marketing newsletter sign to you, or contact him through UnThink solar. You can follow on Twitter also @SolarFred.

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