Saturday, September 07, 2013

Ontario shows new FIT structure

Saturday, September 07, 2013
Ontario is the new feed-in tariff program for public feedback-just in time for a set road trip in the region.

Last month the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) announced upcoming changes add to the carving, large projects FIT program, lure for local authorities and national adaptation of content (thanks to the WTO ruling). Now is 3-draft for public viewing FIT ready; Feedback will be accepted until Sept. 20. The changes of both summary and comparison inline document summarizes the OPA Web site. Here they are on the point:

As promised, pricing was adjusted, especially prices for solar slashing.

The domestic requirement not lowered by 20 percent for onshore wind (as compared to 50 per cent), and anywhere from 19-28 percent for several solar technologies, down from 60 percent in the FIT 2.1.

The municipalities are now eligible to receive priority status in addition to public institutions, schools, hospitals, transit, etc.

Web site access requests now require a lease or title (or demand option); Memorandum of understanding (MOU) or letters of intent (LOI) are no longer acceptable.

Fit and connection projects was now admitted on the same property, as long as the connection project already operated - but aggregated capacity on a single property allows reduced by 10 MW up to 2 MW. This is an encouragement for larger projects (typically > e; 500 kW) in future competitive procurement processes specially for great powers to take part. Also the renewable fuels in 500-kW-GAP has now an exception, so that up to 2 MW solar on a single property on the roof terrace.

It's a 15-MW-procurement target for roof solar unconstructed buildings (unconstructed rooftop solar pilot or Trevigiano) covers the land and the building itself. Applicants must 100% economic interest in a priority group (E.g. municipalities or public sector, community investor or Aboriginal community), and run projects that need to get a contract within 120 days. First to the interconnection capacity, Trevigiano projects receive funding full allocation of the target 15-MW supply checks.

FIT small projects will connect station system Shuttle, not directly to a substation or transfer only distribution. (Another change, which reflects the removal of larger projects.)

As it happens, will I to Ontario next week for a media tour organised by the Ministry of economic development, trade and employment (MEDTE), presenting renewable energy organizations and institutions from Toronto to Thunder Bay and in addition on the road be. Presentations on the agenda include grid energy storage, and energy efficiency, flexibility and LED lighting-including a briefing by the OPA. We will visit also biomass and wind turbine manufacturing facilities. I'm going to learn and Exchange, while I'm gone.

As of March 31, Ontario renewable energy projects in operation amounted to 2.93 GW (excluding hydro power), with a different 5.24 GW in development. Provided including hydro, area around 30 per cent of Ontario 15.16 GW job capacity. I'm curious to hear what the local leaders do to push that number higher, productively and responsibly.

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