Sunday, July 01, 2012

Set United States and Canada next phase of the clean energy dialogue

Sunday, July 01, 2012
The Department of energy and Environment Canada released on June 21 the U.S. and Canada clean energy dialogue action plan II, integrate that are next phase of the activities of the two countries together to promote clean energy technologies. The new action plan renewed U.S. and Canadian commitment to create smarter electrical networks and clean energy research and development to promote together. Action Plan II sets to facilitate a greater emphasis on energy efficiency of practices and tools in each country the inclusion of energy-efficient technologies and practices use.

Among the initiatives under the action plan II is an initiative to the US and Canadian regulatory authorities for the provision of offshore renewable energy and technologies be to clarify. The plan also calls for new investigation of the potential of the storage technologies makes. The plan calls also, discussions between the most important Canadian federal ministries and provincial governments, the Department of energy and U.S. national laboratories of options, collect data relating to electric vehicles and recharging infrastructure for North America to harmonise.

President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who founded clean energy dialogue in 2009 to promote the development of clean energy technologies to reduce greenhouse gases and combat climate change in both countries. See the DOE press release and the full plan.

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