Saturday, June 30, 2012

Make the impossible possible: from Kennedy's Moonshot to solar of the SunShot

Saturday, June 30, 2012
By Ramamoorthy Ramesh, Director, SunShot initiative & solar energy technologies program

In my two years as a leader who had the Department of energy solar energy technologies program I often been accused, an eternal optimist. I don't see one that has the potential to revolutionize our economic, environmental, and safety as an incredible opportunity - our nation's energy challenges.

That is why, again in 2010, we SunShot initiative, the installed price of solar power to 75% by 2020 to reduce. We took our inspiration from President Kennedy in 1962 "Moon shot" speech, which the country on a path, the lead in the space race and the land a man on the Moon again discontinued. Many thought a manned mission to the Moon was NASA skills higher than, but this bold step United ultimately the country if it proved successful.

There were many pessimists when we launched - even within the industry - who says the SunShot initiative in life, that the subsidy-free, competitive solar happen in this decade could not. But we do not listen to them. And many of these same naysayers now - as price drops of solar panels and America solar of energy industry explodes - changed their tune. Read the full post on the energy blog.

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