Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tank death leads to OSHA citations

Saturday, September 10, 2011
A funeral in the operation of tank wash in Freeport have cited alleged violations to company products transport co. for 32 federal safety regulators. Led one of the occupational safety and health administration investigation was no longer found in February, after a worker in a tank trailer for washing is prepared. The employee died later. "Tank washing operations dangerous procedures can include", Mark said Briggs, Director of OSHA's South Houston field office, whose Agentur has recommended penalties of $160,000. "If the OSHA safety standards have been followed, it is possible would have avoided this tragedy can be." OSHA quotes claimed that companies could not the necessary respiratory protection for tank washing, installation and maintenance fall protection and secure access to platforms work offer. "Enterprise responsible operation of its facilities and the safety of its employees and contractors is committed to," said the company in a statement. "To support the ongoing mission, the company cooperates with OSHA and takes appropriate measures to solve the problems."

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