Friday, September 09, 2011

Why look not Maine in, Sun, geothermal energy?

Friday, September 09, 2011
Posted at: August 6
Updated: today at 11:17 PM

Pocono Raceway received the Pennsylvania Governor's award for environmental excellence for the development of a three-megawatt, ground-mount photovoltaic solar energy systems, which in September went online. The 25-acre solar installation is the electric main source for Raceway and adds enough power, power nearby houses close to 1,000.

Why Maine ignored official solar power, since it is far less harmful nature as any source? And what is literally flows with energy-source past us: Kennebec River. Why not take advantage of the heat in its water? Hydro heat pumps which will efficiently extract energy are far better than the air surrounding all us that tap. River water varies very little, a great advantage.

Geothermal energy is in the water table, especially in Skowhegan, and probably many other cities.

Revive some electric power pumps are used to, but it is a small cost.

Paul O. Sylvain

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