Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Swiss "Cleantech" industry discussed

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Geneva, Switzerland, 26 Aug. UPI)-the Switzerland status as "Cleantech" leader comes under the microscope the country before a major forum on Europe's green energy supply in the future to host.
2011 Forum, set for Oct. 10-12 in Geneva, brings hundreds of European officials, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and energy company executives, every aspect of the company's explore world's green technology.

The organizers, including the Abu Dhabi renewable energy company Masdar, say to make the idea of "Gap" green energy technologies, affordable and profitable.

Last year's Conference in London moved with the British Prime Minister David Cameron, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne and London Mayor Boris Johnson and the organizers say she chose Geneva as the host site this time partly due to the Switzerland of Cleantech industry, which has accumulated all over the world as one of the most modern LOB.
Cleantech, they say, is a fast-growing industry in the Switzerland with 160,000 employees-4, 5 percent of total employment in the country-it already active.
Also come in Swiss banks, Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch and Pictet et Cie, were praised the "were among the first banks to offer social responsible investment funds."

The Switzerland green energy in the future, however debatable discussed within the country has, since the Government decided in May to nuclear energy following to the Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster expire.
The Government move came during a wave of anti-nuclear protests after the Japanese earthquake.

Swiss energy Minister Doris Leuthard, the country said ramp would new hydropower stations as well as the development of renewable energy sources instead their investments as push solar and wind power energy demand-40% of it comes to nuclear energy.
"We want a clear signal to the business elite, to send the people and investors," said Leuthard. "It will not be easy, but we are convinced that this is the right step and that it will pay off in the long run."

The reaction from Swiss energy, however, the gap between the goals was strongly negative and illustrated the cleantech sector and established energy.
"The decision the Government will be a problem with regard to security," said CEO Axpo Heinz Karrer the Wall Street Journal, prediction, that would be dependent on the Switzerland of expensive imported energy, and calls for a referendum on the issue.

In a step to strengthen the case, the Association of Swiss companies or economiesuisse reported this month published a study which claims that the Cleantech industry of the country actually behind other countries back the Swiss online news portal
The study examined the number of patents granted for small businesses in the industry when compared to the number of multinationals, the central in the Switzerland reportedly and found far more in the patent field of Cleantech as the earlier actively to forgive them.
Also, it claims, the rate of growth of Cleantech patent awards is slower in the Switzerland than the global average-evidence, it said that State subsidies for the Cleantech industry and the introduction of tough environmental policy on large employers are wrong.

But Swiss Cleantech Bar Association President Nick Beglinger said patents, is incorrect as a standard.
"Smaller companies go, the sector and the entire Swiss economy, but they can't afford file, the many patents", he said. "The most cleantech innovation derives not from new technologies, to invent, but to adapt the existing systems, to make it more efficient."
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