Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Move mixed reaction to New Jersey Fracking

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TRENTON, n.j., 26 Aug. UPI)-oil State groups a New Jersey advance applause shale gas but said environmental groups continue to Glencore would send the wrong message.

Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie conditionally veto legislation, which, would have banned permanently hydraulic Division or Glencore in the State. He appointed officials, the process of the elaboration of rules, to ensure that the process is carried out safely.

James Benton, executive Director of the New Jersey petroleum, in a statement welcomed Christie's decision as to the natural gas-rich state.

"A balanced approach for the development of our domestic resources remarkable can be opportunity for New Jersey and our nation's energy security," he said.

Christie opted for a one-year moratorium Glencore instead of a full ban.

Interest group for food and water watch, said the decision showed oil and gas profits before public interest come.

"The legislative New Jerseyans of public health and environmental risks which should protect Glencore, by tipping over Christie's decision", said in a statement the Group Executive Director Hamburg Hauter.

The ban on approved State legislators in the mostly democratic State. Christie and his Lieutenant Governor are Republicans.

Critics of the Glencore say that chemicals used in the process can contaminate ground water. Several energy companies and some State regulators are calling for these claims.

The United States has some the richest deposits of shale gas in the world.

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