Thursday, November 22, 2012

Phoenix Rising: Renewable energy good news comes to light after Hurricane sandy

Thursday, November 22, 2012
Nashua, NH-as sandy devastated parts of North America three weeks ago, hundreds of current wealth generation were threatened. According to SNL, there were energy, 731 operational power stations above 10 MW or greater in the path of the storm. These facilities 20 nuclear power stations, 80 coal plants, 237 gas power plants and 394 plants of various other types of fuel, hydro power, solar energy, biomass and wind were power plants including.

Although Sandy left many customers in the dark, most of the power outages were to actual generating assets caused by distribution and transmission line damage rather than damage. In other words, were ramped at least three nuclear power plants on "Grid overload-garde", SNL, also, that a nuclear power plant, the Exelon's Oyster Creek in New Jersey reported an emergency declared said event during the storm, due to flooding of the work of the circulating water system. The emergency event was the third heaviest on the NRC event matrix.

How to survivors through the rubble and hit the hardest work seven restore a semblance of life, which they had before the storm, be we all remembered the power of mother nature and his ability to destroy, what man has several decades building. The damage that left behind by the storm many people request for further use "safer" forms of energy and meaningful measures to combat climate change.

Renewable energy takes both calls. Reducing our dependence on CO2 will serve spouting fossil fuel-fired power plants reduce the alarming pollution that our planet has been warming since the industrial revolution has. In addition, the renewable energy systems are strong, safe and resistant to damage.

We offer here a few tidbits of the encouraging news for renewable energy. Here many people are still suffering from the damage the storm caused one to inspire six ideas.

Caribbean and southeastern coast wind turbine rate even with sandy

Barely a week after Hurricane sandy, Northern power systems, that 74 of its wind turbines, including three in the Caribbean, was announced on the path the hurricane sandy and were not damaged by the high winds. According to Irene, a category 3 hurricane that hit Sandy was the second powerful Atlantic in 2011 storm, Northern power turbines within one year hit and run all turbines affected easily as expected.

"The losses from Hurricane Sandy experienced that how powerful nature can be a tragic reminder," said Troy Patton, Northern power systems President and CEO. "Directly into the path of many of our turbines on the East coast of the United States, the Caribbean, were the hurricane Sandy but none were damaged by the high winds. We have Northern power systems continue to produce the experience and commitment, which are safe and reliable."

As evidence for the design of the Northern power turbines of as soon as each turbine Sandys hurricane winds, recognized it entered automatically in safe mode. Conditions returned to normal, electricity resumed each turbine, the company said.

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