Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Asia report: One week of suffering for China Solar Panel manufacturers

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Sydney-China's beleaguered solar panel manufacturer has another hit this week announcement either shipping demotions or job cuts in response to global oversupply and higher production costs at the last import prices, bound by the U.S. Government.

Trina solar, posted a loss for the past four consecutive quarters, slashed guidance quarter citing industry-wide oversupply and lower prices. The Chinese solar-panel maker now estimates shipments in the third quarter were the 375 MW to 385 MW range, compared to the previous guidance of 450 MW to 480 MW, as margins were squeezed by anti-dumping duties in the United States and an inventory write-down.

Trina said in September that it will cut an unknown number of jobs as part of a more comprehensive cost-saving measure was. This week the Suntech was set to announce job cuts, say it three production shifts to reduce and cut the workforce at its Goodyear, Arizona solar panel production facility.

The world's largest producer of solar cells, said by the U.S. Government increased the rising cost of the solar cells the costs for the production of solar cells in the US tariffs on solar cells come to rates, last year on aluminum frame, an important input for the manufacture of solar panel.

"Following our decision to invest in Arizona, have unnecessary upstream barriers more difficult and more expensive in the manufacture of solar cells in the United States made also this new tariffs limit our ability, the Suntech solar advanced imported from China, using technology," said Mick McDaniel, managing director of Suntech America.

Travis Hoium in the Motley Fool writes: "it should now be clear that Chinese solar companies are no longer powerful companies, as they are currently constructed. "Not only the edges are so low that it would be difficult to make a profit, they have all debt, which makes them less competitive than healthier suppliers."

Hoium has negative impact on Chinese solar stocks for some time, but in general such as LDK, Suntech and Yingli has kept, limited to that with so much debt that it is unlikely that she could ever compete, his strong negative opinions.

But a result report by Canadian solar, coupled with also updated instructions leads to believe Hoium ", that China's solar industry finally bankruptcy or be bailed in any form."

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