Saturday, January 18, 2014

Google Cleantech again increased investments

Saturday, January 18, 2014
New Hampshire, USA --again, his muscles prevent investments in renewable energy, takes Google of a stake in one another a Texas wind farm. Oh, and there are also some home buys Energy Automation startup called nest Labs.

This week in the giant Internet that in December it invests $75 million in pattern energy 182 MW 2 Panhandle wind farm in Carson County, Texas, northeast of Amarillo, is expected to be operational by the end of this year. Pattern holds a 80 percent stake in the project, whose owner also Google and two institutional tax equity investors with Morgan Stanley offers included construction and equity bridge loan and a letter of credit.

Google has certainly shown a healthy appetite for Texas Panhandle wind energy. Last fall, what they committed to the issue of EDF renewables 240MW buy Hereford wind park happy southwest of Amarillo. A year ago it below $200 million in EDF threw 161 MW spinning track wind project in Oldham County, Texas, went west of Amarillo, in operating the end of 2012. (Note that spinning EDF takes over track III of Cielo wind power, in case Google approx. 2015 is more investment for power considered.)

This new deal adds yet a more renewable energy spring Google's Cap, cross-cutting projects and procurements from Texas to Finland. Until today the company has committed to more than 1 billion dollars in 15 projects for renewable energy amounting to more than 2 GW electricity annually. That is enough to all public elementary schools in New York, Oregon, and the company makes Wyoming or 500,000 U.S. homes, recalls. Last year the Internet giant over 727.000 MWh purchased renewable energy on long-term contracts, covers 22 percent of its total electricity consumption.

"We believe that companies can be an important new source of capital for the sector of renewable energies," writes Kojo AKO-Asare, Google's senior manager for corporate finance, post to a blog announces the investment.

This is a neat segue to our next Google News entry. While the company to lunch on renewable energy offers further, this week it swallowed its largest meal yet: $3.2 billion for nest Labs, makers of the nest smart thermostat and a newer line of smoke/CO2 alarms. (I'm sorry, who nest as one of the most important predicted expected 2014 IPO offered.) Here is a little sunshine for other Cleantech Investors: the deal means nest of the early VC investors are with 15-20 ? quit many times, including a $400 million payday for Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Google has an investment say in the nest for 2011, and the company "has the business resources, achieve global platform, about hardware, software, and services, the nest accelerate growth" Fadell writes in a blog post. "Google helps us fully consciously realize our vision of the House and enable us faster than we ever could, if we remain alone to change the world." We had great momentum, but this is a rocket ship." An Apple news site just explored why buy Google, not Apple, nest: finally home usage data management in accordance with Google's business, while smaller hardware plays as chips is has become more Apple's pursuit. And Google's cash warchest gives him the freedom and wherewithal to take big shots.

The deal is the latest showcase in a $17,000000002 billion years push from its core Web search and advertising platform, and hardware and software. It underlines also the increasing competition between Google and Apple: the two were already at odds over smartphone platforms (iOS vs. Android) and almost a third of the nest 300 employees are Apple expats, including founder Tony Fadell, who helped to design the iPod. (A report suggests, there were even more direct competition and recruitment.)

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