Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Clean road map to energy and climate initiatives in New York State of the State report

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
NEW YORK city-mitigation of global warming emissions and building the clean energy economy are crucial to the future of the State of New York and the health and well-being for all New Yorkers. State Governor Cuomo of some significant new clean energy and climate initiatives announced in the this week's State of the event.

In case you had no time in listening to or by the State of 219 Government report pore, that released the Governor's Office after the speech, or see the various other energy volumes, the State issued in the last week, here is a street assign some of the highlights.

For starters, the status of the report stand last year applicable to some of the main State and impressive clean energy achievements carried out, including:

Extension of the successful NY-SUN-solar energy program, on already for the development of about 300 led MW solar power in New York - an exponential increase in the last five years. As my colleague Pierre Bull, writes just the other day, the State announced its to expand the program with an investment of 1 billion dollars to 3,000 MW of clean solar power more than a decade - a stunning ten times above the current level, and enough power 465,000 New York houses, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 2.3 million tonnes per year increase the equivalent of nearly 435,000 cars off of the road - - and solar will create more than 13,000 new jobs.The introduction of the New York Bank $1 billion green work in partnership with the private sector to clean energy to remove financing barriers;Setting the target to install 2,500 new electric vehicle charging stations by 2018 – an important step towards the cleansing of our transport system; AndInitial steps in the development of New York's large and as yet untapped offshore wind resources. We hope to see more action on New York-offshore wind energy in 2014!

Forward, the condition of the State introduced a series of new clean energy and climate change resiliency initiatives for 2014, including the following.

First, the Governor announced a unique and interesting new program called NYPrize, which is a $40 million competition to build of the community of Microgrids for neighborhoods of 40,000 people. As the report explains, these new energy systems will combine local clean energy Microgrids - standalone-energy systems, which operate as an "energy island", in the case of a power outage - can keep communities access to electricity and heat. This could be an important community resiliency climate strategy, both showcasing energy technologies and future Superstorms vulnerable residents clean distributed protected.

Secondly, the Governor announced a big new school and the community "solarizing" program called Community solar NY, reports that, as my colleague, Nathanael Greene, New York finance help 5,000 schools and install solar power systems on their roofs reduce energy costs and creating a healthier environment. Led by the New York power authority and the New York & Research Markenverwertungsgesellschaft Energy Agency, this initiative is also solar schools as hubs "solarization" entire neighborhoods, rally based entire community around the benefits of solar energy, with a possible financial reward for solar schools on how many residents inspired to go solar.

Finally, the State of the State a number of new initiatives to deal with the "new reality" of climate change. Note on the "new normal" of more frequent and severe extreme weather events - with three large storms, to harden the impact on New York State in only eighteen months, the Governor's plan contains $17 billion in projects to strengthen the New York communities to extreme weather conditions, including $1.4 billion for much-needed projects and improvement of electric energy systems, upgrade protection for sewage treatment plants and systems, $1.9 Billion for coastal protection projects and more support for natural infrastructure protection such as wetlands and beach restoration. My colleague Eric Goldstein has the details here.

As always announcements are just the first step, and implementation is where the rubber meets the road. The details will be of importance follow-through is essential and there is much more work on clean energy progress in New York. But today's State of the State for a stronger, healthier in New York is very promising.

This article appeared originally on the NRDC switchboard and was published with permission.

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