Friday, August 16, 2013

Cleantech turnaround report showing renewable energy recovery

Friday, August 16, 2013
London-despite a difficult market environment, key indicators show signs of improvement in the field of clean tech published after yo of the new annual performance report of the Cleantech industry bankruptcies and consolidation.

"The cleantech sector has shifted worldwide growth. Resource scarcity, energy security concerns, population growth and rising consumption due to the expansion of the middle class in emerging markets continues this Cleantech market growth."--Gil Forer, EYs Cleantech leader
Finding a bounce back in market capitalization, the financial strength of the public pure-play (PPP) strengthened energy efficiency and renewable energy,-Cleantech companies has improved, while their number has grown around the world, the document concludes.

Global, the establishment saw the cleantech sector 68 new PPP-companies in the year 2012 and lost 63 companies during the same period. The United States and China remain leading countries in terms of PPP companies with 70 and 64, or during the Asia-Pacific region as a growth driver, with China's leading number of employees caused growth. Indeed, the Asia-Pacific region was the main winner, increasing by 16 percent to 177 companies, while the company population in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) shrank 8 percent to 135 companies.

The renewable energy sector occupied important signs of recovery as a sugar-producing undertaking showed about the Board gains benefit from lower cost of equipment. The number of companies rose by 14 percent to 32, stock market capitalization rose by 8 percent to US $25.5 billion and revenue increased by 23 percent to $11.1 billion, EY means.

While the number of wind equipment company around fell 2 percent to 53, market capitalization rose 14 percent to $35.3 billion increased 2 percent to $30.8 billion and revenues. However, the picture for solar more decline by 2 per cent but is mixed market capitalization with the number of solar installation companies by 14 percent to $28.8 billion. However, according to this analysis, solar sales decreased by 16 per cent to $42.5 billion.

Increased bio-fuels, which scored a 8 percent to 41, market capitalization in the year 2012 as the number of companies in the segment also experienced significant growth by 25 percent to $13.1 billion and revenue grew 14 percent to $26 billion.

Commented on the results of Gil Forer, EY is the Cleantech world leader, says: "we have seen a remarkable recovery in the performance of 424 public pure-play-Cleantech companies around the world. Despite a difficult time consolidation in certain Cleantech segments, tax issues in some countries, and the lingering effects of the financial crisis; "We have seen an annual profit of 18 percent of market capitalization and [a] 12 percent staff reduction."

According to the research of the global workforce of public Cleantech companies, is 512.500 with China, as more than half of the global workforce, the source of growth, under the direction of supplements in the solar and wind segments around the world.

Forer concluded: "the cleantech sector worldwide has shifted on growth. Resource scarcity, energy security concerns, population growth and increasing consumption, by expanding the middle class in emerging markets continue to drive the growth of Cleantech market. "China consolidates its position as the most important Cleantech market and prepared for the inevitability as the number one Center for public Cleantech companies."

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