Monday, March 18, 2013

Renewable energy might not practice-oriented learning impact.

Monday, March 18, 2013
I am a reader. I love it with a large book or a detailed report filled with charts and graphs and really dig in sit. SEIA and GTM Research just their solar market insight report with amazing facts about solar systems in the United States in the year 2012. If you, like to learn, as I have the global growth of the renewable energy you could get your hands on this report. The full report is 94 pages.

Then again, if you, now work as I have time, make your feet and a 94-page report to read? While I really wish I have is the fact that in the fast paced expenditure-driven environment, most of us in we work often don't have time to sit and read. And exactly that is why sometimes you can really pack a whole lot to learn in a short time at a Conference.

In the months of February and March visited I three conferences (PV America, solar power-Gen and the Iceland-geothermal energy Conference) and I must say, that my understanding of the issues and barriers for the solar and geothermal energy industries at this time at an all time high. You can not only beat practice-oriented learning. And at the present time, if the time we compress for the work so could travel only, the only time we get our heads and go to the bottom of the problems.

That is, why do you have some experience in an area of renewable energy, definitely an abstract as a speaker at Renewable energy World North America, to see November 12-14 in Orlando scheduled should enter. There is no other place where power users, power generators and power sellers about all the technologies of renewable energies in a place can find out. The show takes place in addition to power-Gen International, the largest show for the traditional power generation industry of the world. Last year, we had more than 22,000 visitors from nearly 100 countries.

We now accept abstracts, but only for one more week (we only extended the deadline) so don't hesitate. As a speaker, not only get their expertise on renewable energy to share, but you also get free access to the floor, networking events, lunch, technical tours and the ability to the Conference on all four channels shows invited: world of renewable energy, Power-Gen, nuclear power international and our financial forum.

This is it but as soon as we the abstract submission deadline to close, it is difficult to get into the show. Please send your ideas today. We are looking for professionals who would like to present research or reports on hydropower, tidal energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, biomass, biofuels, waste heat, solar and wind power and other related technologies such as energy storage, smart grid and utility integration of renewable energies. We are also interested in discussions around these topics - if you would like to get a group of experts who can speak on a specific topic together, we're all ears.

I hope that you'll check, submit an abstract, because we can bring together the more industry experts, learn the more we all.

-Jenn Runyon

P.S. If you are really planning conference love and interested Conference content in meetings Volutneering form useful, let me know. I have about five Opennings have on my renewable energy World Conference Program Committee. You may be just the expertise we need.

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