Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Obama Congress over $2 billion to clean energy of Research Fund press

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Obama will challenge the Congress today to the Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, Illinois, a post the Energy Ministry largest laboratories for scientific and technical research. The so-called energy security trust would be financed over 10 years of State fees on offshore oil and gas drilling, according to the Feds, not identified before the President's speech.The trust reliable resources for the research would offer concentrated on transportation alternatives, said an official yesterday in a briefing with reporters.
The plan last month in the State of the Union address described the Obama, would not need to drill offshore areas open. Revenue for the trust would come from accelerating the approval permits for oil and gas producers to increase production and the increase of income from royalties, lease sales and bonus offers.

Congress has considered similar proposals in the past. In 2009, now House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio's Republicans led an energy that rent money would have directed to the oil business and gas sales pay for clean energy programs Bill was counter to a climate change legislation Democrats push.
Murkowski plan

Another plan by Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, top Republican on the Committee revenue energy would be offered by holes on countries that are now banned, such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. The White House official said that Obama's proposal would open the refuge to study do not.
The energy fund basic research would be dedicated to, which is to assume a permanent job to the private sector, the official said. Laid the groundwork for hydraulic fracturing, a hole was revolutionized technology, the gas and oil production, decades ago by Government-funded research, the officials said.

While trust will focus on traffic, it is supporting research in a wide variety of fuels and technologies, the officials said.
After posting mixed results of what some critics said energized environmental groups with a promise were for environmental issues in his first term of the President in his inaugural speech this year "Response to the threat of climate change." The energy fund management services would use, which have reduced oil imports and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, the White House official said.

Development of energy and mineral mining lands on United States and off the coast raised about $12 billion for State and Federal Government in the fiscal year 2012, according to Office of natural resources one revenue Division of the Interior Department. That was about $1 billion, more than to be progress in the previous year because more access hydraulic Division of oil and gas producers are found in shale rock formations.
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