Friday, September 07, 2012

Romney energy plan calls for East Coast to cut drilling to imports

Friday, September 07, 2012
With rising gasoline prices again voters is attention to US energy policy, now more accurately discussing his strategy for North American energy independence presumed Republican presidential candidate travel to New Mexico by 2020 including the US production with imports from Canada and Mexico.Energy, an "important issue for American voters" and the campaign plans to betonenBerater in the coming weeks Romney Ed Gillespie told reporters yesterday. He said that the proposal would create millions of jobs and lower energy costs.
The plan, which reviewed some issues Romney has already discussed during the election campaign, calls for the approval of Keystone XL pipeline to tar sands crude from Alberta to refineries on the Gulf Coast.

Obama in January rejected an application for a permit of TransCanada Corp., the project sponsor, to Nebraska official concern that the pipeline could threaten the Ogallala Aquifer. The Obama management checks a revised proposal.
Romney the plan would also state control over energy to millions of acres of land now under State authority to give, as well as open area off the coasts of Virginia and the Carolinas to oil and gas producers for the first time.

Gasoline prices
May be there is again a renewed focus on energy as petrol prices rise. Prices the AAA, the nationwide largest Motorsports organization $3.72 in the United States averaged, up from $3.47 per month before, according to the latest daily report.

Romney and Republican groups have criticized Obama, what they say is a waste of billions of tax dollars on clean energy subsidies, including a loan guarantee $535 million to Solyndra LLC, the solar panel maker, which went bankrupt, so fossil production on federal countries has fallen.
Obama said total oil and gas production is, which accounts for the development on private land.

Imports fell by around 45 per cent of US demand last year from a high of around 60 percent in 2005, according to the energy information administration, which tracks and analyzes energy data. This year said dependence on imported oil to about 42 percent of the country should fall, Adam Sieminski, head of the EIA, in a telephone interview yesterday.
Obama says that he supports an "All of the above" energy policy, which contains more development of the oil and gas industry as well as tax credits, renewable energy sources such as wind power, expand the Romney favour declines.

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