Thursday, September 06, 2012

Germany's ten points energy plan

Thursday, September 06, 2012
In the Office now for about 100 days, Germany's Environment Minister, has put Peter Altmaier, a 10-point plan for energy change. This is not a "master plan", says he that looks deep into the future. It is impossible, argues that, because technologies and other realities change so fast, that we today make impossible a master plan which is valid in 20 years.
It is a to do list rather, the at least something. Da Altmaier the first months as Minister was not particularly spectacular in terms of the energy revolution - and the fact that the Merkel Government has been generally moving legs - this agenda has a few surprises in it.

For example, he proposes the strengthening of EU emission targets reductions for 2020 from their current 20-30% (compared to 1990). This could be neighbors very controversial, especially when some German. But good for him.
Transitions on the most recent page, if somewhat vague, he said of form a "Club of the energy revolution countries," a group of States, subject to the also clean energy are namely. He has not specified why he would do this, but I like the idea. It might help, Germany and his energy revolution appear a bit less quirky make. Germany's not all alone – look at the Scandinavian countries, for example.

Well, he created a Department for the energy revolution in the Ministry as a climate protection and citizen participation. But only with offices with new badges on them are to mean anything, if the offices of real powers and influence have. So let us wait if they are more than window dressing.
Even scarier is that he wants to renew law (EEG) to Germany's renewable energy this year. It is the EEG to set including the feed-in duties on renewable energy. While Germany a total dramatically increase its share of renewable energy in the energy mix has - enabled and ultimately reduce their prices - it is neo-liberal, that subsidy market tend to see as superfluous, a Bugbear of the administration. A sign of the direction of Altmaier go, he pointed out that the incentives are permanent (everyone knows that) and that energy consumers will bear more of the burden when their energy costs the cost of reconstruction of grid is added to were never intended. In other words, gradually reducing of the rates are probably accelerated.

So, it seems that a full-fledged fight for the EEG is in danger. Perhaps Altmaier which are proposals for climate protection and its magnificent formulations ("the energy revolution is rebuilding the largest company since World War II") just a few sweets to sweeten that exclude of the EEG autumn come. Seems likely.

See Paul Hockenos blog on Germany's energy revolution: go renewable.

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