Sunday, March 04, 2012

DOE provides support for breakthroughs in alternative fuels

Sunday, March 04, 2012

President Obama announced on 23 February new funding, to groundbreaking technologies for two alternative fuels to catalyze natural gas and bio-fuels. Office of energy efficiency and renewable energy will make DOE $ 14 million to support research and development in biofuels from algae. Also by using the advanced, research projects Agency - energy (ARPA - E), DOE is $ 30 million for a new research, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs find ways, to domestic natural gas for vehicles use involved is available make. Aims to stimulate American innovation and encourage scientific breakthroughs, energy portfolio, U.S. companies grow the diversification of the nation and the development of alternative vehicle technologies help.

DOE will seek proposals from small businesses, universities and laboratories to algae change existing facilities for long-term research and test new production processes, could lead to commercial bio-fuels from algae. Winners will erect and conduct research "Test bed" for algae biofuels, the development, test, new approaches for the production of algae and discover innovative ways to make water and nutrients needed to mass produce algae for commercial bio-fuels can minimize. This advanced research projects should significantly improve the sustainability of algae-based biofuels and accelerated technological breakthroughs. The prices make the first phase on $ 30 million investment in algae biofuels in fiscal year 2012. are applications by April 18. Find the algae biofuels possibility of funding opportunity Exchange Web site for more information.

ARPA-E is funding projects which develop light fuel tanks for cars that runs on natural gas, and can fit in modern cars. This approach includes to develop affordable natural gas compressors, which efficiently at home, fuel can a natural gas vehicle. ARPA-E is to finance projects which holds much like a sponge of water absorbing materials that are in the situation will develop, gas. Such materials could low pressure vehicle tanks that hold and release makes safer and more convenient for consumers gas, it. The ARPA-E natural gas opportunity, see the DOE press release and the funding opportunity Exchange Web site for more information.

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