Monday, March 05, 2012

BLM progress Arizona renewable energy development project

Monday, March 05, 2012

Department of the Interior Bureau of land management (BLM) released the US on 16 February on the draft of the plan for the restoration design energy project. The initiative tries lands in Arizona for wind and solar energy projects, with a focus on areas which previously disturbed or small natural and cultural resource contention is best suited. The project to "renewable energy development areas" on the lands, the former landfills, contaminated sites, mines, BLM land and isolated channel carried, the part of the central Arizona project are included.

The design of an environmental impact study (EIS) beats placed a baseline for environmental protection measures for investment in these areas. She could be used for wind or solar projects, both utility-scale projects with more than 20 megawatts of capacity and smaller distributed-scale development. The preferred alternative draft called EIS for the determination of land within five miles utility corridors and existing transmission lines or close to a point identifies the power demand, such as a city or industrial sector. And the design of the EIS to avoid addresses in the water sector through the introduction of design features, negative impact on the watersheds, ground water supply and quality of water. The BLM manages approximately 237.100 acres in Arizona, that meet these criteria. Public comments will be accepted until 17 may 2012. See the press release of the Interior Department and the restoration design energy project website.

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