Sunday, January 08, 2012

Potentially huge boost for jobs as Sunderland enters race to host of the world first Green Investment Bank

Sunday, January 08, 2012
SUND rural City Council gave up hosting the bidding process to the new Green Investment Bank.

She has started, the self assessment in response to the Department for business, innovation and skills call for cities to host of a new Bank, an initial £ 3 invests in renewable energy and other sustainable industry across the UK will see.

Sunderland is template with a view to the Green Investment Bank the primary driver for UK green jobs are included.

Introduction the bid today, City Council leader, Councillor Paul Watson said: "we are a low risk, low-carbon, high impact offer."

"We have the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles in the Nissan, to maximize the best broadband in the UK the potential developed the expertise in submarine technology - important for the future of the offshore wind industry communication and our port for international investment."

"There are great opportunities in green industries, in the Northeast and across the UK."

"It is clear that it is it can have the focus of a bidding process without Sunderland."

Chairman of the Conservative Group countries Robert Oliver, said: "the Sunderland bid to host of the Green Investment Bank supports cross party."

"We have the ideal conditions for most efficient use of public funds and provide stability for companies and private individuals investing and are located in the city." Sunderland is fast becoming a carbon hub and as such is the ideal place for the Bank.

CEO Dave Smith added: "we have the development of Green Investment Bank followed with great interest in the face of our growing profile in the field of sustainability throughout the city."

"It is clear that in addition to the local industry of CO2 by the local enterprise zone drive, we can meet and indeed far beyond the criteria established by the Government."

"We have a vision of the Bank and our own sustainable investment plans is created by thousands of new green jobs."

Sunderland City Council is its final bid complaint at the Department for business innovation and skills present prior to the January 30 date.

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