Monday, January 09, 2012

Not satisfied with the oil companies

Monday, January 09, 2012
Jack Gerard, President of American Petroleum Institute, one on Wednesday during remarks the oil given warning lowered but unmistakable for President Obama and event in Washington issued gas industry State of American energy.

"Clearly the keystone XL pipeline is in the national interest," Gerard said in remarks. "A determination to decide something less than I believe will have great political consequences." Such statements by observers in Greenpeace wonders if Gerard be anointed prefer "the President of the United States of energy" and not just an another oil lobbyist.

The ultimate "national interest" provision, in fact, the Obama in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is done by repeatedly has said that it needs more time to determine the environmental impact of the planned gas pipeline, the tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada by the Heartland U.S. - will also have the Oglalla aquifer - refineries on the Gulf Coast.

The oil industry event was a launch pad for the API new PR campaign - Vote4Energy. Although Gerard was that the campaign it was "No campaign, but a conversation", it would, by definition, act as the mouthpiece for the oil and gas industry as it tries to educate"" politicians and the public. "Information State distributed over our networks through grass roots reach to millions of voters and through discussions" would search the campaign politicians and candidates in 2012 to pressure.

Even though Gerard's claim was that the industry would be "an electorate that is educated on energy" environmental groups support were quickly, against the kind of "Education" to push back the industry has long been known for.

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