Sunday, November 06, 2011

Nuclear claims - sources support IAEA Iran

Sunday, November 06, 2011
Vienna, Nov 6 Reuters - A report of the United Nations nuclear watchdog next week support claims, the Iran built a large steel container could be used to perform tests with explosives, nuclear weapons, sources that said about the document informing on Friday.

Satellite images of the container on Parchin, near the city of Tehran, was awarded the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and other evidence that believe claims by Member of the IAEA has explained that explosives test installation for connection with nuclear material, the sources said.

The IAEA show performed also evidence the Iran, the computer modelling of a nuclear weapon, said a source.

Western diplomats say that the voltage expected report strengthens suspicions that Tehran seeks a capability to make nuclear bombs, but stop which explicitly say that it does this to develop.

It was unclear if the container has been created, or whether it was actually used for nuclear-related work.

Iranian officials were not immediately available for comment.

Suspected of nuclear weapons date work on the Parchin military complex Southeast of Tehran back at least until 2004 as a prominent nuclear expert said that satellite images showed that it can be a page for research, test, and production of nuclear weapons.

Iran, which says that its nuclear program is peaceful, has previously denied the accusations. In 2005, Iran allows UN nuclear inspectors to visit Parchin.

The IAEA in the may listed seven areas to the military dimensions to the nuclear program of Iran, including explosives manufacture and testing and development, manufacture and testing of explosive components.

One of the main obstacles in a nuclear bomb designs a ring of conventional explosives used nuclear material in the warhead core, Kindle to compress a chain reaction. Experiments must be carried out, to the effects of explosions to test bomb components.

The IAEA report is expected to include other evidence to research and other activities, the little point if not relating to weapons, Western diplomats said to make.

Iran think Western powers secretly trying to develop nuclear weapons, but Tehran denies this, saying that it is enriching uranium for nuclear power plants to generate electricity.

Signs of nuclear weapons would activities calls for further sanctions against the Iran strengthen.

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