Monday, November 07, 2011

How to buy a pipeline? Buy Congress.

Monday, November 07, 2011
As the White House tomorrow to President Obama the keystone XL pipeline gathers thousands rejection, let us look at one minute to some of the ways, political support has so far accumulated the project.

Because at the end, this is a political decision. A Yes shows support for big oil and the dirty energy status quo and a no. supports the clean energy future, which we so urgently to need quickly track.

The first card, it is the energy security is national security, always a good out of the hat to card. It gives the air of patriotic righteousness to your project, which could give a family with generations of military service. It is as if you must just in it for the most of the nation and someone do it.

The fallacy in this argument is not better exposed than when genuine military brass go the issue of the publication of a report that argues, the real energy security only is achieved by a reduction of oil demand no continuation of the business as usual. Or if one while coming top General Petraeus helpers in the Iraq directly against the project, that States that it would be our enemies "Comfort". Trust given the choice, would you have on security, big oil?

As soon as the security card energy the next card is dealt so the job card. You hire some little-known outfit in Texas to write an economic analysis of the project with a proprietary model, which can penetrate any other economist, which makes your jobs numbers look great, and I mean great Texas.

It's a shame, and bubbles in your analysis but when some economists at Cornell University, who really know what they're talking about, go the size, good Texas holes.

So, if it goes all West in a cart, your credibility is wasted, and citizens begin to really a stench elevation, it always a case back are you guaranteed, can results to achieve.

Get passed a Bill in the House of representatives. A slam dunk, if you most of them himself.

This is what happens when a law (279-147) directed by the President approval of the keystone XL pipeline to speed up the House, in late July.

According to the figures that we have compiled to the, the representatives were money from the oil, gas and coal industry, for the invoice received from nine times as much campaign during the Congress as those who voted against it.

She had received more than $ 5 million from companies in these sectors in the past, less than two years. The average 'yay' voters get 3.8 times more of this dirty energy money than the average "voters.

The law passed the House, but it not in the Senate.

This is promised the President Obama exactly the kind of Washington politics, that would be a thing of the past in his presidency. It is now time for him to live up to that promise by the rejection of the keystone XL pipeline.

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