Friday, June 24, 2011

What's your drink of choice for the summer?

Friday, June 24, 2011
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Marking the official start of summer Tuesday (if you ask me, as soon as the Temps hit 90 degrees - either April or June - it is summer), there are to consider a wide range of season relative things: where should I go on vacation? Where do I put this extra-strength deodorant? It's OK, really wear jeans with Flip-flops (no, never)? But most synonymous with any of these queries is perhaps the following: what should I drink this summer?

Summer is the season where can all classifications exclude essentially completely from drinks for me. Great Red wines, hot coffee and tea are arsenal from may essentially my liquid to October (with exceptions for coffee here and there) banned. Instead the fresh zing of the interesting white wine (Albarino and Torrontoes are the go-to bottles in General) or rose provides its way out of the fridge to my gullet, no feeling of longing for winter drinks.

So while I I like casting on and about what in a glass (the I below) can go, what I really want to do is know the readers learn and start a discussion. It is about a lot of this los with my posts, so get ready, to talk about food. That said, here it is: What are your favorite summer drinks? Leave it below in the comments rip!

Teetotaller, fear not, as some of the finest Mercury rising BREW no alcohol at all. Whether it a Rhone Rose or a masterfully mixed Mint Ginger lemonade, so are all equally valid. Hell, beats even some Club soda with cucumber is spot on a hot day.

And just so me a little learning, summer here are some of my favorites:

Negroni (pictured above): I would ask you, everything better than the delightfully bitter Campari-laced Italian cocktail classics on ice, outdoors, on a hot day to find. Furthermore, it is virtually impossible to screw up, if it even make: equal parts of Campari, gin and Vermouth. Add a fat orange slice, and my friend, are in good condition,. See how it below is convenient... and you can impress your friends with the entire flaming orange peel thing.

Ginger beer: Spicy, hot and can be a nice little burn on the back of your esophagus, it is ginger ale on steroids (and non alcoholic). Fire wise, Maine root and reeds make the cut.

Random white: Monotony in eating and drinking has always been an annoy me. Access the same bottle of Pinot Grigio or make the same meal just over and over is not in my repertoire. Experimenting with wine is now remarkably easy, so instead of doubling back to your Santa Margerita or Chardonnay, why not extend Gruner Vetliner or peaches and honey bomb the good Torrontes, the biggest bargains in white wine a bit with one today?

Mint iced tea green tea: A pitcher should be this at any time in your refrigerator. Easy recipe here.

Keep in mind, libation fall down weather searing your favorite, and I will be short chat with you.

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