Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Ernst & young releases quarterly report country attractiveness

Wednesday, June 01, 2011
London, UK-has global consultant group Ernst & young his latest renewable energy country attractiveness indices, recently that numerically top 30 globale renewable energy markets by arrange their investment strategies and infrastructures. The indexes are updated on a quarterly basis.

China increases, US remains stable

According to the report, remains China's top global competitors, scoring - a record high level due to his development of offshore wind energy market and aggressive five-year RFP. China has outlined a goal of 11.3% renewable energy by 2015.

Suffer despite a wind market us this quarter due largely that remains in second place on a thriving solar sector.

Developers prefer economic growth

Many countries in the top 20 are rank due to diminishing incentives and capital fell. Japan a high short-term demand for non-renewable energy resources fell three points, mainly due to its nuclear crisis led.

Although some countries have ground to a halt, many developing countries either entered or climbed the indexes in this quarter. Notable contributions are Morocco and Taiwan, both with promising solar and wind potential.

India grow its slow rise to fourth place and overtake Germany in the ranking. Brazil is also highlighted in the report jump four spots due to strong wind markets.

Solar blooming despite incentives

Solar, this quarter, 40 percent since May 2010 is growing significantly in the most flexible area. This growth is mainly due to the cost and cuts. Gil Forer, Ernst & young's global Cleantech, leader says that knowledge should take Governments. "It is important to overcome the misunderstanding that renewable energies too expensive, reduce costs through improvements in the production and supply chain is next to see how we, efficiency as well as in technology," he said.

Wind power suffered a 20 percent loss since May 2010, but the report shows a new boost for the industry.

The full report can be found in PDF format here.

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