Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Predictions for Cleantech in 2014

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Dallas Kachan

Continuing a tradition since 2007, once again, we bring you some at the end of the year thoughts about where we think that the Cleantech investment theme is.

Our Cleantech-specific analysis and consulting focuses on this area fixed Kachan & co.. We publish research reports. We received briefings from companies, the introduction of new technologies. We publish a Cleantech analysis service. We are cited in the press. We pore over what is happening in the world in clean / Green Tech markets and have some profound calls over the years, as Chinese Cleantech domination, the rise of technologies and the decline of the Cleantech Venture capital funding.

This year, we are of the opinion that industry watchers should take to heart. Especially if you was on the page, that Cleantech late past his prime or otherwise unworthy your attention. Why? Because we are more optimistic, what the coming year of Cleantech in the last two years our predictions (read 2012 and 2013), which are unusual for a company were negative was often something like a cheerleader for the Cleantech space.

What is different this year? As you read below, we believe that the world turned an important corner in Cleantech in 2013.

Gradual recovery in 2014

If you have not carefully searched the last year in the tea leaves, you might have missed the quiet recovery already underway in cleantech, a process that the we expect more dynamic until 2014 to get.

We had the chance, an insight into the basics of the Cleantech this fall who co-authored a new (and free) 38-page research report. Titled Cleantech new: Why, the next wave of Cleantech will flourish in the twenty-first century infrastructure, technology and services, analyzed the paper the recent investments research in a number of sectors and areas of influence.

A section of the report compares the Cleantech wave to other technology booms of the last 50 years, as the dotcom boom, the networking craze, biotech, the PC and the microprocessor. We found a number of parallel and a number of reasons for optimism compare the cycles. After 20 years in the technology felt personally, as I looked more at the data, the more it, I would have seen this movie before. After an initial Frothiness and correction, there's always a resetting of expectations and execution and a gradual "climb out" of the trough. A hype cycle is called Gartner. And climbing today we are past the worst in Cleantech.

The recent decline in the venture-capital investments in Cleantech does not mean that the sky is falling. Dip is less threatening, when in the historical context as risk capital always early in new categories spikes, later extended with other sources of capital, such as often unreported corporate and family Office investment, develop such industries as displayed. It happened in the dot com, Cleantech is currently well as shown below networking, biotechnology and PC eras, and this transition. We offer much more detail with extra numbers and graphs, in our report.

While venture capital most important source for clean technology 2008 year was financing in California, it played a smaller role in 2012. Source: CB insights, collaborative economics. Closes the project financing and non-associated investments.

An another takeaway from the preceding: Pay less attention in these days, to venture capital investment as an indicator of the health of the Cleantech space. Risking to see not the real picture.

In addition to an analysis of the pattern in venture financing in previous bubbles vs. What is happening today in the Cleantech looks our 38-page analysis of the State of the Cleantech investment in clean and green innovations and projects total today. It considered, what is from models such as the technology adoption life cycle (from "Schism" fame.) It takes into account the recent recovery of the publicly traded Cleantech funds and other metrics.

All in all what we learned on the basis of writing this report, we forecast a sustained recovery in Cleantech. Not a lush - we bet that those days are past - looking but for a clear upward trend in many things Cleantech in 2014, so companies, private equity and family Office investment, venture debt, project finance, M & A, interesting new innovations, new product announcements, etc.. But improves your breath for classical venture investments.

Term Cleantech, to remain alive and well

There is speculation about whether the term "Cleantech", that will be credited to my previous company with the embossing will or should be preserved. My colleagues sometimes suggested the sentence should go - that our task was it, to make sure that clean and green sets are finally added for all products, that all forms of energy become clean, that all synthetic chemistry and toxins with natural, biological solutions be replaced because this ultimately less expensive and possibly only real possibilities for other people on the planet are.

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