Thursday, May 23, 2013

3 Engagement strategies for solar installers "on Facebook with graph search liked to be"

Thursday, May 23, 2013
Facebook's new graph search is still in a test phase now, but it will start sitewide in the coming months. And if it does, your solar company had better "liked to be" from your customers.

What is the graph-search? It is an internal Facebook search engine which will allow very easy, your potential customers are looking for Facebook for people, places, and businesses, who "like their friends." In addition you can narrow your search to a specific local location or at the national level. Is even more important, you can search for companies, who also like their boyfriends, so looking for graph search can be broad.

For example, you say that I'm looking for a solar installer in the San Francisco Bay area. In the current Facebook I can my friends wonder whether they know a good solar installer in the field. If I actually wanted Facebook, would show in my stream on or off on the Facebook page of a Web Search powered by Microsoft's change would kill me.

If graph search starts, I no longer need post; on my wall to my Facebook friends recommendations questions I'll look already solar installers and find that, in companies, like my friends, if any. Plus, I'll see what my solar installers friends connections like that and I'll be able to narrow the search to a specific city.

What that means, that your brand is social currency more important than ever be. So, you should be "happy" and "luved" on Facebook from all your current and past solar customers. Furthermore, you're a national brand, do you have to be more local, create separate local pages for each city you serve.

Whether local or national, the challenge is customers on your Facebook page, either before, or during, and after the sale as always - as well as maintaining this relationship long after the sale. This is difficult, because people do not like to be on Facebook spam. It is a private social space, and assume that you have a good installation, eliminates the need, contact your solar business on Facebook. She will be sold. The installation is finished. No further information is required. In contrast to or ignore.

How do you liked get and keep the relationship after the sale go? Here are three short strategies.

Strategy 1: Post your useful blog posts, cartoons, etc. on Facebook. Once again, the solar blog is an invaluable and far reaching marketing tool. When you say prospects where you want your Facebook page to get solar useful updates about local discounts, tax information, seasonal discounts, product updates, they have a reason like your page at least in the beginning. Your blog is the conduit that information and posting on Facebook.

Strategy 2: build a community.It is not only sufficient to publish blog content and to ignore your Facebook page. Their Facebook page is a small island, and the people who like your page... They are not only interest in solar. So, if you post content and news stories, extend you your horizon to green issues, the families, as interest in organic foods, energy efficiency, and electric cars. Ask your followers energy efficiency and recycling questions. Create surveys. Have also a personality, and of course, in response to questions fast solar. If you create the right kind of welcoming and interactive community, your customers want your Facebook relationship continues long after the sale.

Strategy 3: build a referral program.I assume that all of your customers your company and sales people love. If this is the case, you will need no monetary customer referral program, but I don't think that it can not hurt, especially with family income is tight. So, if you have very a well-established referral program. If you don't ' have, create one. Offer $300 to $500 for each completed sale. Ask new members to be a member, like your Facebook page. This is the login. Then, after a month, your Facebook followers about the program and its financial benefits remember and if someone receives a placement fee must publicly congratulate this referral partners on your Facebook page.

Of course, any of these strategies takes time and work, but they are also relatively inexpensive. If you would rather pay money and advertise only on Facebook, the company developed new routes to potential customers with graph search, as well as the target. You have to show even a better idea of work and which are not, and are specific to certain demographics news able to craft.

Facebook is the largest popularity contest on the Web really at the moment, and it is important for solar companies to win this competition. Thus, it cannot ignore, instead implement a strategy...UnThink solar.

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