Tuesday, January 08, 2013

On the roof, solar challenge II gets $12 million Department of energy support

Tuesday, January 08, 2013
The Energy Department on December 20 announced $12 million in new funding for rooftop projects supported solar challenge II, to make solar energy companies more efficient. The possibility of financing builds the rooftop solar challenge on the success of 2011 and is part of a larger Department to encourage solar power deployment by making it easier, faster and cheaper to finance and install solar energy systems.

The challenges are processes in fine and improving the funding at a lower cost for residential and small commercial solar roof systems for the optimization and standardization of local zoning, dosing, and connection. Dramatically reduce 22 regional teams have through the first round of the non-hardware costs or soft for solar. Standardize this comprised installation and fees over multiple jurisdictions allow establishing group purchasing discounts and advanced online at Nice. These soft costs can go 40% of costs include solar. The teams are selected for the second round, which selected may include teams in the first round, in the entire period of solar market maturity models, developed by the Department of SunShot initiative with two and a half years project judged. The Department of energy progress warning message is displayed.

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