Thursday, December 13, 2012

UN report: Greenhouse gas emissions gap widens

Thursday, December 13, 2012
Rising greenhouse gas emissions until 2020 to 58 gigatonnes (GT) - far above the level, many scientists say, keep it on the global warming predictions less than 2 ° C of this century is necessary. A new study that emissions gap report 2012, says that if the world on a business-as-usual path, more drastic and expensive cuts are needed after 2020. The report, published on November 21, was coordinated by the United Nations (UNEP) and the European climate Foundation.

Previous scenario-based assessments have concluded that ambitious intermediate consumption, the cost for the achievement of the two degree target would keep as low as possible. In such scenarios projected emissions are on average approximately 44 gt or less in the year 2020 to achieve. Warming gases such as carbon dioxide emissions rise but actually every year all over the world. Total greenhouse gas emissions have risen by about 40 GT in 2000 to an estimated 50.1 GT in the year 2010. Action delay means a greater risk of temperature rise of more than two degrees, beyond, which irreversible damage of the report's authors could enter for the environment according to the.

Was noted in the report that the emissions gap is still possible and should include energy efficiency in buildings, improved vehicle emission standards and sustained growth of renewable energy increased. For the press release of the UNEP and the emissions gap report 2012 Web page.

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