Saturday, September 15, 2012

Will new UK Government initiative quiet fears about rising energy prices?

Saturday, September 15, 2012
It is a turbulent time for Britain's energy industry. Rising energy prices make more persuasive than ever before the argument for solar PV prices, and the stage has clear for a new funding initiative to improve the nation houses been swept. It is called the green business.

The British are not impressed by the big six energy companies pricing. 92% of the people by the eco experts interviewed, said that they are concerned about the rising cost of energy. The remaining 8% high income groups, and they also won't be able to afford energy price increases of more than 30%. In the popular press and the flyers, in a manner not dissimilar to their coverage of corruption in the banking industry have the energy companies 2012 price increases were planned. Clearly you need an alternative and Government hopes that his new initiative provides.

So first of all, what is the Green deal? A green is a loan of up to ?10,000, which you use to improve your home, making it more energy efficient. Independent evaluation to determine what measures your electricity bill will make the most important improvement. Reimbursements are more than 20 years as rates, structured and are connected to the property, not to the individual. So, if you prefer to let the debts behind. Leave a property, which - in theory - is a cosy and has improved energy efficiency is more valuable.

Login your chance for the Green deal are public so impatiently wait? Of course not; 77% have not even heard. This is not so damning news, because the thing in the oven. It took years to coordinate and is expected to be another year full tire; Although the legislation has completed, the marketing has wait to complete training and other information. It is a promising program but still a chick.

What distinguishes the Green deal to past programs is that it be driven from the market. Because Government cannot afford, so a huge program subsidizing that was green deal developed, are fertile ground for companies: the launch is the Green deal, supported only by a starter Fund of ?200 m by the Government. The plan is to improve energy efficiency and to create thousands of jobs at the same time.

Aim is the Green deal to cut carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, to hit Government targets and to end 'Fuel shortage', defined as, if you spend more than 10% of your income on energy costs. An important research known as the Hill report to find lives in fuel shortage, with 2,700 'excess winter deaths' under heating per year - 20% in the United Kingdom more than killed on the streets.

In 2009, not 7.80 million people could afford the cost of energy.

2016 This number is expected to to 8.50 million increased.

Why is so much energy? A Fator is energy inefficiency; the UK has one of the oldest housing stocks in the world and the insulation and double glazing is often not properly installed, or not there at all. Poor heat output waste had money; Energy course of time inefficiency is untenable for all life on a budget.

The most important factor is simply the energy company, which set the prices.

SSE (Scottish and southern energy) has raised prices for at least 8.40 million people by an average of 8.7%. E.on earnings jumped prices for electricity and gas - 18% - 23% in the first six months of the year 2012, which demonstrated their increasing margins, and increase British Gas owner Centrica - 16% compared with the same period. Investment Bank Morgan Stanley predicted that British households are ?200 worse from 2013 onwards, and this is down in no small part to the energy companies.

The Green deal will begin in October. Environmental, social and housing combine agendas, at the time, the plans of the Government, it in the Coalition flagship green to develop policy. Support the ECO - energy are the Green deal company committed - which will replace the outgoing CERT and ESDP programs for insulation and new boilers.

The Green deal is discussed as an ambitious and innovative; Greg Barker, Minister for energy and climate change, calls it a new framework for energy efficiency, which previously been 'the preserve of the big six energy companies'. This new framework should be flexible, provide for more people across the country and provide further improvement measures, as such an initiative in the past.

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