Saturday, September 22, 2012

Clinton to solar companies: "you just can not be deterred"

Saturday, September 22, 2012
Addressing the crowd whom he admitted "people represent, what I think", said the former President, "creative collaboration" the only way for the industry, great success in the domestic and abroad to make. "There is no single successful example on Earth a country that succeeds, the joint cooperation do not," he said.

According to the solar electric power Association Julia Hamm, Clinton introduced, he wanted to speak his schedule has always been at the solar power international but and the timetable were viewing just never aligned. This year showed but, to the delight of the map Organizer SEPA and SEIA, he in Orlando at exactly 16 on Wednesday, addressing a packed auditorium.

In his speech recognized Mr. Clinton, that he "preached, the stored" but stressed the dire need for the solar industry to the record straight on the economic and environmental benefits that solar power and other renewable energy already to different parts offer the world. He said that most Americans do not know that Germany has charged 300 000 jobs in the solar energy also accounting for a draw, which has had the feed-in tariff on its economy. He said that most Americans do not know how much public private cooperation is already happening.

Clinton also said that most people don't really know, what happened to Solyndra, said that in his view it simply was not a failed attempt that could get scale, before it was the money. "I think that a mistake was not made with the industry as a whole offer a credible explanation [for Solyndra]", he told later Rhone Resch during a question and answer session. "The fact that DOE accepts people made mistakes," he said. He also pointed out that most Americans do not know that $22 will be given in subsidies for fossil and nuclear energy, for each given a dollar to renewable energy.

"These are things that people need to know," he said.

For more than an hour talk, Clinton touched on some of the most important projects by the Clinton global initiative such as the use of solar power in Haiti makes schools and hospitals has led to. He said that he had learned on a recent trip to Costa Rica, that the country is already mostly powered by clean energy (hydropower) and has plans to tap geothermal energy and solar energy in the near future. Clean energy is not only a race between China and the United States, he said, but it is about people, the over the future thoughts.

'You represent the future,"he told the audience that says, that from his point of view people work in the solar industry are happy that they get to the stand up every day look in the mirror and say, ' I will happen to something good today make.'

The solar industry is part of the "future" after the former President, reminded the audience that the industry must do everything that can with what it already has before him. "It is a big mistake to worry about what will happen next year," he said. "Good and bad things happen for a long time and only when you least expect it, you reach a turning point," he said.

"You will fight to win, the question is when and where and how," he said.

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