Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sustainable industry forecasts for the second half of 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012
We predict that these five areas will result in the sustainable industries in the remainder of this year:
1. Rapid consolidation in the field of energy efficiency.

The market for sustainable industries saw a shift in last year as money left over which capital, such as biomaterials, bio-fuels and wind, and these investors began sectors with high barriers to moved their attention to the less capital-intensive sectors such as energy efficiency. Since this trend in 2012 continue, energy efficiency of the most rapidly consolidating industry in sustainable industries become. We believe that this sector appear as managed services providers continue to continue to look, concentrated just to acquire energy efficiency technology companies to growing customer demand for real time energy solutions. We expect companies that do not traditionally begin with the category, move energy efficiency market through strategic acquisitions in the energy services were involved in. Growing companies in the area either buyer or seller are concentrated at this halfway point in 2012, almost all of the technology, fast.

2. All solar companies will see significant growth, in contrast to upstream solar company, the fight will be.

Although highly acclaimed failures such as Solyndra investors have been wary of the solar market, this bankruptcy for lack of answers to important market trends led, no general industry weakness. The decline in the cost of the curve panels, which is the most important of these trends actually builds growth opportunities especially in the downstream solar companies, balance of system supplier, solar finance companies and solar integrators. Upstream companies will however continue to struggle, as they are always forced, cut prices to stay competitive against other companies in the market.

3. Early stage Cleantech investments continue to accelerate.

A bright spot emerged from the first half of the year, as the number of early stage financing have increased further. In fact, 44 percent were all financing which in the first quarter of this year early stage transactions. For the sector means that more comfort treated investors to the risks at an early stage and taking, that entrepreneurs create companies, investors attractive of the business model and technology how to find prospects this positive.

4. Natural gas will use long term renewable energy

The U.S. Department of energy published a report in January, which said that an estimated 141 trillion cfm natural gas is in the position from the Marcellus shale are harvested with technologies that are currently on the market. There are many positive results with this relatively cheap and we see a reduction in investment in renewable energy abundant energy probably, while the natural gas infrastructure will be built in the next few years out. However, that natural gas infrastructure drive overall economic activity, in the long term in the area of renewable energy will be positive. We expect that in the coming years, many coal plants replace natural gas, but in our opinion of the fossil fuel market is too big to go through natural gas or only renewable energy sources be replaced.

5. Natural gas infrastructure will accelerate management under Romney

Financing and acquisitions have slowed on sustainable energy by the uncertainty, the forthcoming elections. However, if Romney is elected in November, we expect an uptick in the transactions in all market segments, including renewable energy sources, such as investor confidence in the economy as a whole have restored.

Building has Mitt Romney, which is an important supporter of natural gas, the natural gas infrastructure in the United States his number one aim of his energy policy made. While Obama has been natural gas development supportive, his policies have favoured renewable energy in General. This is not Obama say still promoting large-scale production either resource very successful.

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