Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Los Angeles California incentive programs for small and large solar systems

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
For those of you who may not know, has the Los Angeles Department of water and makes a solar developed incentive program (SIP) in support of solar energy in Los Angeles. This solar incentive program will help you with the cost of the installation of a new solar system. The solar feed-in tariff program that unused energy back, is allowed, that owners of large on grid-connected solar systems sell currently in work.

This solar incentive program was created to meet the goal of Senate Bill 1, essentially an extension of the California Solar Initiative (CSI) and the Energy Commission new solar homes partnership (NSHP). Basically, the aim of the program to promote the solar LADWP is customers to help achieve its energy goals California. By a financial incentive to homeowners, the grid-connected photovoltaic systems, install, LADWP homeowners invest in solar energy to promote hopes.

LADWP customers who have installed photovoltaic systems, can a lump sum in advance based on the expected performance of your new system receive. To an estimate to calculate the expected performance, Buydown (EPBB) based has the LADWP website an online calculator. This provides a sense of energy, annual kWh, CEC AC rating, design factor CSI evaluation and incentive amount. With this information can LADWP to find out, how much money of the customer to pay in advance.

There are benefits that go beyond this one-time payment. According to the LADWP website:

"Customers to qualify and a full installation equipped with a 'net meter'." "When produced a customer system solar more energy, as they use the excess energy as a credit on their Bill is calculated and backward their counters."

This means that if a LADWP customer system excess energy produced solar, it goes back into the grid. The timer is running backwards and LADWP is able to credit energy on their electric bills to their customers.

Conversely, LADWP is currently developing another system to promote the use of solar technology in the context of solar feed-in tariff programthe clean LA program. Although solar incentive program customers not for the clean LA program are qualified, designed this program mainly for larger commercial use.

Produced on this system feed-in tariff customers produce 30kW and later, to a contract for the sale of 100% of the energy in their establishment to LADWP to a fixed interest rate for up to twenty years.

Here a brief collection is on such as the previous function stages:

Application: To qualify for this program, applicants must go through a six-week process of application. Applicants can find the base price for the energy, proof of the site control, and full equipment and an online charts. You must also provide a 24-hour 12-month energy expected profile, required documentation, and numbers a registration fee depending on the scope of their project. For small systems, 30kW 150kW, the registration fee is $500. The registration fee is $1,000 for major projects between 151kW and 999kW.

Interconnection process: After the potential seller the application process is complete, they give an interconnection agreement, which includes an interconnection study fee of $750 for small projects or $1500 for large projects.

Forward with agreements:Then the applicant of a development of deposit of $50 per kW, interconnection costs 10% down payment, insurance forms, and L.A. City compliance with business forms. This is when the applicant signs the reference offer PPA. LADWP sets then the fixed rate contract, the price corresponding to the applicant previously was offered. The interconnection agreement and the PPA standard offer run at this point.

Progress, it is now the seller's purchase the necessary permits and follow through with the construction of their project.

Monthly payments: Once the project is completed, a reliable revenue is meters, provided that LADWP can calculate the monthly payments to the seller. The seller receives an invoice over the energy sent monthly payments by LADWP based on the amount of energy by the sales counter. These payments based on the sum of the system energy collected by the hour, which multiplied by every hour is determined by the base price for the energy and the time of delivery. This means that sellers get more money for energy during peak hours of the day.

It is important to note that a separate metering system account for the energy consumption of the seller's plant is installed. The power required, coming to the system from the network itself and not from the power produced locally because 100% is sold to LADWP.

It is the seller, its own system according to the contract and LADWP to offer a report every two years.

One thing solar incentive program and the feed-in tariff is on that they promote the development of clean, local energy.

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By Thomas Jackson
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