Sunday, August 05, 2012

Department of energy, USDA invest in biofuel innovation

Sunday, August 05, 2012
The Department of energy and the U.S. Department of agriculture (USDA) on July 25 announced a $41 million investment in 13 projects that take a more efficient biofuels production and feedstock improvements. Work through the joint biomass research and development initiative economically and ecologically sustainable energy sources, USDA and the Department of energy renewable biomass to develop and increase the availability of renewable fuels and organic products.

The five shared-cost projects are the Quad County corn cooperative GALVA, Iowa, retrofitting is to add value to its products and contribute to the U.S. environmental protection agency targets for cellulosic ethanol production of an existing facility for maize starch ethanol. It includes the agricultural research to optimize utilization in Peoria, Illinois, the various oil seeds for oil quality service National Center for agricultural research and help return with recombinant inbred lines to production strategies. Visit the website of biomass research and development initiative.

The Energy Ministry and USDA announced also its $10 million funding for eight research projects, the application of biomass of genomics to improve of much promising biofuel feedstocks and more efficient, low-cost energy to drive. These projects are using genetic mapping, to promote sustainable biofuels production, through the analysis and to maximize the genetic characteristics such as feedstock durability, tolerance of the raw materials and various environmental impacts and the potential be used for raw materials for energy production. For example, Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, the genetic architecture of millet examine biomass yield component characteristics of field-based analysis using the raw material physical and genetic characteristics identified. Since 2006, which invested Genomics feedstocks for bioenergy research program almost $70 million help, important genes influence to identify biomass yield and quality of raw materials and to speed up breeding efforts to improve the bio-energy-relevant features. See the press release of Ministry of energy and the list of genomics projects.

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