Monday, July 16, 2012

The most German choose not eco-electricity.

Monday, July 16, 2012
Although Germany is way out in front to renewable energies, the transition to a clean energy economy requires more than just the existence of a steady supply of green energy. There must be demand, above all from individual customers.

Germany's energy sector has liberalised for more than ten years. But German consumers have slowly to replace their gas and companies (mostly the old giants, the power generated to fossil and nuclear) with clean energy alternatives. Overall only 10 percent of German households to 100 percent have switched energy, bright and natural energy renewable energy providers such as Elektrizitatswerke Schonau, Greenpeace. Granted, the clean power options are somewhat more expensive than their traditional counterparts, but narrowing is not much - and the difference in price.

Response to Fukushima was operated after the accident 2009 in the reactor Krummel near Hamburg, a rash of the defector from gas and electric company with nuclear energy. "The provider with nuclear in their portfolios have been punished," says Sascha Muller-Kraenner of the Nature Conservancy. But the impact of Fukushima did not last long. After the peak strongly in the months after the disaster the switching rate on his former average returned.

According to a recent survey, 58 percent of the German could imagine, change from their current energy provider. Every fifth would a green energy alternative "check". So, why don't they do it?

The most important German suppliers fail to change therefore still fear. "For years the large utilities led campaigns specifically designed to this fear instill." It implies that you wind with no power at all could be if you tried to switch, "told Greenpeace Germany Sven Teske me." "So many people have problems that a new company trust."

"It is often the case with these rogue suppliers, which there are many Kleingedruckte and special offers, not really busy at all you read the small print very," explains Melanie ball by the NGO promotes out himself making, the renewable energy alternatives to nuclear power.

"What will change the equation", says Green MP Hans-Josef fell, "and in the same time boost the energy revolution is further falling prices for renewable energy." More to go if they are cheaper than the alternatives. "The current Government blocked this."

Greenpeace Teske says: "We need both sides of the equation, which rise to security of supply and the demand side of energy work." "We need renewable energy capacity, beef, which means maintaining the feed-in tariff for many years to come, and to expand the green electricity market as far as possible."

Keep in mind that the feed-in tariff a privileged role makes renewable energy, whether consumers, company or industry request it or not. However, the demand from the bottom, when accelerating, could help push energy revolution along.

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