Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Save energy and money with aerogel insulation

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Leo Christodoulou, PhD, Program Manager, advanced Office production

Most of us are familiar with the classic thermos bottle. The bottle holds hot liquids hot his vacuum insulation material - but without good insulation, the heat from the fluid is wasted.

As well as in a much larger scale, about 950 trillion BTU (British thermal units) of thermal energy the bad insulation of pipes, valves, fall and components from industrial steam distribution systems is lost every year because every year. This is almost a percent of domestic energy consumption - the equivalent of 165 million barrels of crude oil, or something more than wasting 7,500 million gallons of gasoline.

Within the framework of the all of the-over strategy of President America to solve clean energy challenges is investing in an innovative material, which saves energy and money for industrial plants and also help 50 full time the Department of energy to support clean energy jobs for Americans.

With the help of the Department of energy advanced manufacturing created Aspen Aerogels Pyrogel Office and Cryogel, insulation products, the aerogel insulation to use technology. Aerogel insulation and saves energy and money due to the structure - solids that make up only three percent of its total volume, it consists of light silica. The remaining 97% of the insulation consists of air in the form of extremely small pores. Because the air has to move very little room, it effectively captures the heat - save energy and money. For the full story, see the power blog.

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