Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Finance Announces Department of energy solar solar "Plug-and-play"

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
A new effort of SunShot supports Plug- and -play photovoltaics for homes initiative.
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The Energy Department on 24 April announced that up to $5 million this year "Plug-and-play" to develop photovoltaic (PV) systems. These are commercially available systems, purchased, installed and can be operational in a day. This effort is part of the Energy Department strategy deployment by reducing the non-hardware spur solar power, or "soft" on costs such as installation, approval and interconnection, currently more than half of the total cost of living systems. With the innovations basically the design and installation of residential PV systems, reducing costs for homeowners and simplification change the funding, part of the Department of energy SunShot initiative helps installations and grid connection.

The cost of solar PV still down, soft costs and other non-module hardware costs, such as electronics and mounting hardware, now for a large part of the total cost of the systems are as modules. This offers great opportunities to reduce costs through efficient installation and allow processes or new ways to connect solar panels on the Web affordably and effectively.

Plug & play solar panels make the process of the purchase, installation, and solar energy systems connect faster, easier, and less expensive, potentially significant cost reductions in this area unlock. Plug & play PV systems could be installed without special training or tools and easily connected into a PV ready circuit. An automatic detection system would initiate communication between the solar system and the utility. Plug & play systems are already widely used in the computer and automotive industry and the DOE believes that similar innovation in the solar industry to reduce costs and simplify installations can be made. As part of a planned five year program invest DOE first $ 5 million this year for two projects, the innovative plug & play prototypes through partnerships with universities, industry, utilities and other stakeholders will develop. The Department of energy plans to support an additional requirement of $20 million to the Congress in the next four years to this effort. See the DOE press release, the full funding opportunity announcement and the SunShot initiative website.

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