Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nuclear power viable but potentially dangerous for Jamaica

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
The consideration of nuclear energy as an alternative energy source for Jamaica was seriously discussed. We all must consider nuclear energy from all angles. Nuclear power has the potential to rid the nation of the costs of oil as an energy source. While this is true, nuclear energy is a viable and ingenious option for energy, but potentially dangerous.

Jamaica is located in a zone at risk. After the earthquake unit at the University of the West Indies lie about 200 earthquakes in and around Jamaica per year, which are mostly smaller, with orders of magnitude less than 4.0.

By the earthquake unit Jamaica geological errors, especially the Gonâve MICROPLATE, which is fenced off with other plates is separated in the chart in the link associated with. The red dots on the Jamaican map are past epicentres. It can also be seen on the diagram that is Jamaica on two albums: the Caribbean plate and plate Gonâve. It is also known that the moving tectonic plates of the Earth's crust per year. It would be unwise, nuclear energy in Jamaica, especially with the 5.0 earthquake felt traced on the 10 March 2012.

If nuclear energy is implemented in the future, drastic precautions should be taken to ensure safety for the population. If nuclear energy is to be implemented in the long term, have we all worry whether the nuclear power stations able to withstand seismic activity. While there withstand claims where a nuclear power plant would be made to seismic activity, who knows whether or when one will occur severe earthquake? In what places would be in Jamaica nuclear power plants be built?

Health care would affect if radiation or radioactive wastes from nuclear power stations were escape. We would have to withdraw a futuristic advanced health system to specialize in radiation therapy, when a severe earthquake should hit Jamaica, or a radiation to develop. One example is the Dai-Ichi Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, who a year ago severely damaged caused by an earthquake many Japanese radiation be exposed and the Japanese Government had to give compensation to many families, and countless people died or were admitted to hospital.

Do not forget the nuclear disaster of the Ukrainian Chernobyl of 1986, the mutation in humans, and also a significant number of deaths in Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine caused. Studies have also claimed that increased risk for several diseases, especially cancer, among the people in the vicinity of nuclear facilities life show. Can the Government afford to pay money as compensation for those who would be potentially affected?

Another factor, which we on to think should be, is the disposal of waste. Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean. Where could we possibly radioactive waste from nuclear power plants produced disposed? Although trained personnel in nuclear installations would work, the element of human error will always exist. It could be an error in the design of the nuclear power plant that would cause problems in its operation. Let us make an assumption that a radioactive spill while waste transport on land due to human error has occurred. The agricultural sector would be also severely affected. Who would buy our exported cultures?

Jamaica provide not just nuclear energy. We are geologically unsuitable and geographically flawed to consider this option. Nuclear power plants would take a significant amount of money. We are a developing nation, and simply can't afford to do it alone.

You do not want, put the concept of nuclear energy, but we are the effects to face ready, if the radiation is leaked? We have a safety net and preparations for this possibility? Hydro power, solar power and wind are safer alternatives, that to with nuclear energy should be expanded as the last alternative look at. Nuclear energy is a viable option, but it could potentially ensure catastrophic for Jamaica, if we do not effectively plan and do rigorous security practices, the well-being of the Jamaican population.

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