Sunday, February 12, 2012

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

By Ramamoorthy Ramesh, Director, SunShot initiative and solar energy technologies program

As national day for college football prospects 1 February hummed football fans on signing, power also to picks from one builds other universities pool of talent.

January 20 DOE announced two university research opportunities, SunShot initiative, a program to promote, which aims, drastically to reduce the total cost of the American solar energy.

Research is team sports such as football, no matter how powerful each player can be. In this sense, DOE provides up to $10 million to partners in University projects to develop and demonstrate heat transfer fluids. The multidisciplinary University research initiative: high operational temperature liquids call looking for applicants to develop innovative liquids, which are more stable than current technologies at temperatures greater than 800 ° c. The goal is improving the efficiency of the technology focus solar energy and solar energy costs lower.

The second option is a second round for the awards SunShot postdoctoral research initiative. The awards, by the Office of energy efficiency and renewable energy, provide an annual grant as other advantages. Read the full story at DOE's energy blog.

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