Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chevron natural gas discovery offshore Australia

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chevron reported a natural gas discovery by Australian subsidiary in the Exmouth plateau the Carnarvon basin, offshore Western Australia.

Gas found well about 243 feet (74) of the net pay of the satyr-3. The fountain located 113 miles (182 km) North of Exmouth in the approval WA-374-P and was of water to a depth of 13.369 (4.075 m) in 1.124 3.688 m drilled.

"Satyr 3 of our is thirteenth offshore discovery in Australia since mid-2009," says George Kirkland, Vice President, Chevron Corporation.

"This latest discovery the quality and lasting value strengthens our Australian exploration of leasing companies in the Carnarvon basin."

Chevron Australian subsidiary is the operator of the area permit WA-374-P and holds a 50 per cent, with Exxon Mobil and shell each hold 25 per cent.

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